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Outside Raleigh Marketing Services include most marketing services that any local business may need. Because we are a small business ourselves, and having grown all of our own businesses prior to starting Outside Raleigh Media, we know exactly what kinds of things are needed for a small business. It’s not an overnight thing and there are a number of ways to approach it. And that is where the strength of Outside Raleigh Media really shines!

Outside Raleigh Marketing Print Services

Find out more about Print advertising with Outside Raleigh!

If you want to get YOUR name in front of prospective customers and clients in any of these areas, look into advertising with Outside Raleigh!

Outside Raleigh Web Services

What marketing plan would be complete these days without a web angle? Our partner, Eric Erickson, has worked with many small companies through the years to provide solid business websites that not only look good, but, more importantly, get found on the search engines. As the world moves more and more to the web, it is imperative that your company be found on the search engines. To that end, we provide a number of web services.

Business Website

Outside Raleigh Web DeveloperIf you don’t have a business website, you need to make plans for it as soon as possible. Research shows that more and more, particularly with the under 50 crowd, that consumers are going straight to the web to find the service or product that they want.  And you need a web design that catches their eye! Even if they hear about it elsewhere, like the Coffee News, they STILL go to the web for more information about your company. What other medium gives you almost unlimited space to crow about your company and let customer know exactly why they should visit YOU and your company. Find out more about Outside Raleigh Website services.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

You’ve got a website, but you need more traffic – or maybe you aren’t even being found in searches. What do you do? Outside Raleigh can work hand in hand with local businesses to increase their rankings on the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. From creating better online content by either sprucing up your current site content or even redesigning a poorly performing website, we can provide the stuff that the search engines want to see. With poor content, you will get very little attention from Google. The first thing in any SEO campaign is to make sure that your content is going to support the attention of the search engines. This is referred to as on-page SEO and is integral to any campaign we undertake.

Off-page SEO can play a very important part in your campaign. Increasingly, Google et al focus on how many other sites and people think your content is important or interesting enough to link to on their own website. This is interpreted as a vote of confidence in the quality of your site – and thus the search engines will tend to boost your relative weight with more and more quality links to your site. The trick is knowing how and WHERE to get those links. “Bad” links can do real damage to your site with recent Google Penguin updates.

Find out more here at Outside Raleigh Search Engine Optimization.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more

Outside Raleigh Social Media

Outside Raleigh Social Media

Social Media Marketing is playing an even more active role that ever in your search engine position. When lots of people are talking about you and your site on Google, it’s a no-brainer that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Besides being relatively inexpensive in the big scheme of things, it is one of the quickest ways to get news about specials and sales out to prospective clients. We’ve actually been able to sell items online in under 15 minutes via social media – in that particular case, Facebook. A quick heads up to all your friends or followers, and you can see immediate reactions.

Having a strong Social page on any of these services is a great way to build credibility and more with your target audience.  Put all of them out there? You’ve got some clout.  The biggest problem beyond just getting all these setup is being able to smoothly and regularly attend to all those social sites.  Talk to us about sharing the tools with you  to keep your social media working smoothly and effectively day in and day out.

See how Outside Raleigh Social Media Marketing can be one of your greatest strengths!

Other Outside Raleigh Marketing Services

Branding / Logo Design

With a lot of businesses out there, what makes YOUR company stand out? A killer look and logo! Well, we all know it’s service and performance too, but first impressions just can’t be underestimated. Something that stands out from the rest. Many many companies just use standard text as their logo – to set yourself apart from the rest, we always suggest something a step above. Work with our professional design experts to provide your company with the look that sets the right tone and conveys the right message for YOUR business.  In addition to using top notch design tools by Adobe, See why Outside Raleigh branding can be so important to your business!

Social / Business Networking

Event Photo - Summer 2012

Event Photo – Summer 2012

No matter what size your business is, you just don’t live in a vacuum. You need friends, associates and customers to make ANY business grow. And that is exactly how we can help any business grow. We can assist you in finding suitable groups to begin networking. We are members of most of the local Chambers of Commerce as well as many local networking groups. We give you those crucial first steps into networking that so many people hesitate to take. Let’s get you networking!

Video Marketing

Many businesses can benefit from video marketing. Either as a standalone video for general marketing purposes to something smaller that can be posted to YouTube or on your own Outside Raleigh website, we have some great folks available to provide video services for your company! Not sure what kind of video might work best for your company? Talk to us about your ideas and let us work with you – and get that next killer marketing video into production!

Local Resources

  • Coyote Siding and Windows – Coyote provides top notch home improvements – vinyl siding, window replacements and general home improvement work including decks and porches around the Triangle area.
  • Lizardwebs – Web Design and Raleigh SEO company serving national customers but with a focus on the Raleigh Triangle area small businesses. WordPress / HTML, consultations available including free website audit!
  • Specialized Refinishing – Raleigh-based company providing the ultimate in refinishing – bathtubs, bathrooms, ceramic tiles, countertops and more. If you’re considering replacing, give Specialized a call to see what it might be to have it refinished!
  • Ocmulgee Concrete – Raleigh based concrete finishers with a focus on commercial services for home builders, developers, commercial builders. Retaining walls, monolithic slabs, foundations and more.
  • Buckeye PC – Provides computer and PC repairs in the NC Triangle area. Raleigh NC, Cary, Garner, Knightdale, Clayton – if your PC is ailing, Buckeye has the cure. Viruses, blue screens, or just slow – BuckeyePC.net
  • 4CollectionSolutions – Financial services. Offering debt service assistance as well as collection service help.
  • Signature Cheesecakes – Now offering over 70 varieties of cheesecake. Located in historical downtown Clayton, just a quick drive from Raleigh NC. Beautiful service / dining area. Meeting rooms available. Commercial accounts available!
  • CarolinaDirectMail.com – Direct mail marketing specialists – postcard marketing, mailing lists and more. Providing marketing throughout the US with a focus on direct mail Raleigh NC, Greensboro, Charlotte and Asheville NC.
  • DiamondNotaryService.com – Mobile notary service available. Need to sign documents but have problems getting everyone there? We come to nursing homes, hospitals, residences and more.
  • FarleysGrading.com – Grading and hauling services in the Raleigh NC area. Yard/lawn just not draining properly and have puddles of water after even the tiniest rains? Quality landscape grading.
  • Affordable Fencing Raleigh – Get more for your dollar when it comes to a new fence. Wood, aluminum, hurricane – new installs and repairs. Raleigh Triangle area.