Lipo-Ex of Cary

This site was originally launched under a different name, but was changed in October of 2013. Same company, but we renamed the site. It’s actually stronger for the site SEO, so we were happy to oblige. This site was setup to provide a nice airy feel which goes along nicely with the topic. If you’re trying to sell a product or service, there’s often a “feel” that goes along with it. Like setting up a construction company site – perfectly acceptable and even expected to be using a corrugated steel type image somewhere in there!

This site is all about lean – open spaces, white areas and soft type features. While the site shows lipo-ex services that are perfect for men OR women, it’s softer look should be more appealing to the clients that will visit the most – women! We also provide SEO services for Lipo-Ex of Cary. They are currently doing pretty well. SEO services are provided on a monthly basis including both on-page and off-page.