Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary

We worked together with Dr. Jennifer Schmidt to help her get her Doctors Weight Loss center found. With all the different plans, weight loss programs and more, it was important to get customers to her site by being up on top of some of the keyword searches that were important to her.  This particular site is comprised of content from an earlier site.  We worked it to make sure that we had some decent keyword density for the site and covered the topics effectively. We worked quite a while with the doctor to make sure all of our data was right.

We also currently provide SEO services for this site.  It makes it a LOT easier if we actually built the site to begin with.  We don’t need to be the builder to provide SEO services, but it saves us time when we need to take a look at things like titles, tags and more.  Having a solid site structure is also important. Of course, when we structure it ourselves, that’s one less thing we need to check!